SEO Consulting is More Than Just Search Engine Optimisation

Back in the day, the majority of SEO web masters didn’t really take into consideration the visitor’s experience. The focus was on keyword stuffing, jamming the targeted keyword into the page as many times as possible, just enough to outdo the competition. Did these shady tactics work you may ask? Well, believe it or not, they actually did. Today however it’s a whole new ball game and things have changed considerably with search engines becoming a lot smarter.

When Google entered the search engine game, they wanted to provide their customers with a quality service. This meant relevant search results with quality content. How would this change affect the SEO Consulting Services world? In short, they needed to learn their craft all over again because the search engine optimisation bots are now programmed differently.

On page optimisation is still a very important part of the optimisation process but is done with a delicate blend of keywords in various location within the page. Keyword stuffing is definitely a thing of the past and if attempted today, poor rankings would be the only result. Off page optimisation is where it all happens. This is achieved with one way anchor text back links.

This now means that web site creators can concentrate almost solely on quality content with the reader in mind. Yes, a win-win scenario where search engines are feed with quality back links and the reader feed with quality content.

This is the very reason why Google dominates the online search engine scene today. They consistently provide a top service for their customers. Over and above this, there is a wide variety of delivery methods that can be incorporated into web sites today. Some of these include Video, Blogs, Podcasts, RSS feeds, and so much more. At the end of the day, it’s a human who reads the content and its them who determines if our website is worth the time reading. My advice is to keep human in mind, and not so much the search engines.

So the moral of the story is always build your website with the end user in mind focusing less on the search engines.